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Airflow type sawdust dryer
Airflow type sawdust dryer Application:
Airflow dryer widely used in straw briquette fuel, charcoal machine, sawdust pellet fuel, sawdust briquetting, agriculture and animal husbandry projects and other industries.

As a drying equipment for drying wood sawdust,straw,cotton stalk,wheat straw,wood shavings,or agricultural waste to production Pellets,briquette as biomass fuels.

Airflow type sawdust dryer parameters:

Model TYHG450 TYHG650 TYHG950
Drying cylinder dia. >450 >650 >950
Feeding size(mm) ≤6
Feed humidity % >10%~80%
Output humidity % ≥ >5% >5% >5%
Water evaporation capacity (kg/h) 200-400 300-600 400-800
Power (kw) 5.5 15 37
Dimension ( m) 6*1.5*4 8*1.5*4 15*2.5*5

Sawdust Dryer good point
1.Can guarantee the standard rate of the finished products
2. Can solve the problem for the uneven final particle size.
3.Adopts high technology Reliability Precision
4.unique design.and advanced heating mode by firewood.oil and electricity.
5. Offering technical support for dryer
6.Machine with wide choice on heating sourse like below: Firwood, Coal ,natural gas(burner), Electricity