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Ultra-fine wood flour machine - the company developed new pr

Ultra-fine wood flour machine - the company developed new products on-line sales

6R wood fiber mill, is the introduction of German technology developed by a range of products for a variety of fiber materials crushing effect high yield mesh random adjustment, has been the production of mature products for many years, dozens of companies are using the company to product quality based, sophisticated technology at reasonable prices ahead of the latest peer-crushing effect on, welcome new and old friends together again welcomed the consultation. 6R wood fiber mill, milling machine is a powder and powder in one of the ideal transmission equipment, in the domestic flour milling machinery and equipment similar in a leading position. Development process in the machine in different factories have their own different names, the name of the variety of products such as: ultra-fine wood flour machine, roller mill teeth, gear grinder, etc. The principle is much the same. At present, our products sometimes are: easy installation, simple maintenance, routine maintenance, complete accessories. Perfect after-sales a bit. The credibility of the first idea, looking forward to visit to discuss all walks of life.