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Wood grinder instructions and precautions

Wood grinder instructions and precautions

1, should be strictly checked before the start of each part of the machine is installed to meet the requirements, metal objects do not fall into the machine, first move belt for hands-bit test run to see if there is evil and turn to bite the shell and so on in order to avoid collision accidents.
2, the boot sequence: first, the air blower, then open the host, the host first stop after shutdown to stop the fan.
3, Tim materials should be kept uniform, feed particle size according to the hardness of materials, hard materials, not more than three centimeters in diameter, non-metal lumps within the next discharge port.
4, in the course of the motor load can not be overloaded to maintain normal operation.
5, should always check the blade, grinding wear plate program, such as blade grinding plate found severe wear should be replaced.
6, fine adjustment of the method:
(1) can be adjusted according to fineness of about regulating blade along the axial, oblique blade away from the conical surface of the smaller gap, the greater the fineness of the smaller hand.
(2) test hood: hood lower bottom line increased the contrary by the degree of coarse, straight only remove the hood.
(3) adjusting the air flow: reduced air flow damper to open a small increase in fine otherwise coarse grain size, air flow is too small back out powder feed nozzle easily.
(4) regulating the host fan: when necessary to reduce the chassis fan films can improve the fineness of 2-3, in the back to feed the mouth spray can be used when this method, the above four methods can be raised to 20 325 head head.
7, edges and corners worn hammer wood flour machine, you can use the last four U-turn Huanjiao also use high-chromium electrode welding repair was reused.
In addition to installation of wood flour machine speed is high, feet should be firmly, but also must have good lubricating bearing parts of the host, to keep clean, plus once a month if one uses a high-speed molybdenum disulfide grease better, in general, bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees is normal.