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Advantages of Airflow Dryer
Advantages of Airflow Dryer
Airflow sawdust dryer machine for sawdust,shavings,chips,stalk,straw for making pellet

1.Strongly drying strength. All the surface of the particle is the effective area due to the high  
  dispersed in the airflow.

2. Less drying time.
3. Simple structure of the airflow dryer. small footprint, easy construction and maintenance.
4. Large handling amount and high thermal efficiency. When dry the unbound water, the thermal 
   efficiency is up to 60%.

5.There is a baffle in the filter tube and a slagging whole at the bottom.
6.The cooling tube was connected with the material conveying pipe at one endand the discharge
   port at the other end. Airflow dryer is suitable for drying materials of moisture 20-60%.
7.Airflow dryer heating source can be firwood,coal,natural gas, options