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Dryer and the dryer with a different meaning?

Dryer and the dryer with a different meaning?

Dryer and the dryer is not about what sounds? In daily life, many people would be equivalent to the dryer the dryer, that the two are the same, but in fact not the case, although both machines are dry materials, but also has its differences, Here's a brief under the dryer and the dryer the difference between:
   1, a different objective: the purpose of dryer use or further processing of the material needs. Such as wood in the production of wood mold, wood before drying, calcination of ceramic billets before drying. Other dried materials are also easy to transport and storage. Drying process is used for mechanical equipment dryer. The dryer the name suggests is used to all kinds of products of mechanical drying is to dry the humidity material dewatering equipment. The wide range of applications, both used in chemical industry, construction and other industries, but also as a daily. Dryer can make waste residue into usable resources, energy conservation, implement the scientific development.
   2, the role of different: both the surface it sounds like the same effect, are the materials with water to the water evaporated. In fact the two are very different, dryer heat to reduce the use of the material is a water machinery and equipment for drying operations on objects. The dryer is heated to vaporization of materials in the moisture to escape, to obtain the specified moisture content of solid materials.