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What are characteristics of drum dryers

What are characteristics of drum dryers

Drum drying equipment design and production company has the following characteristics:
1, a large range of precipitation, maximum precipitation rate can reach 85-10%;
2, large capacity, the maximum capacity of a single set of equipment up to 10 tons (the range of 85-12% of precipitation);
3, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, the average rainfall is less than one ton of coal 176kg standard coal (continuous production, and when the ambient temperature ≥ 5 ℃);
4, adaptability, in addition to alcohol residue can be used for drying, but also for apple pomace, fresh bean dregs, compound fertilizer and other scattered poor, a large range of materials of precipitation;
5, the components are considered in the design and manufacture of long-term guarantee work under high temperature mechanical performance requirements, to ensure long-term continuous drying under full-load operation;
6, the use of grain drying in the industry widely used JLG chain of coal-fired hot air furnace series of mechanical drying system as a heat source, the coal-fired stove for coal adaptability, grate the continuously variable transmission, complete combustion of coal, the overall thermal efficiency stove more than 90%. Coal on the furnace and the slag are mechanized, stable, easy to operate;
7, using the dryer drum drying system of the host as a simple structure, fewer failures, lower maintenance costs, production capacity, and ensure the long continuous operation;
8, in high and low temperature drying systems were installed at the pipeline temperature measurement sensors and digital display instruments, to achieve the best drying results and to ensure the safe operation of the system
9, using the scraper on the feeder, the use of continuously variable transmission, the material can easily adjust the level of moisture fluxes;
10, the drum dryer using continuously variable transmission, according to the level of materials and fluxes of water and easily adjust the number of rotor speed, in order to achieve the best drying effect;
11, in the drying drum using a strong break up device designed, can effectively solve the viscous material in the drying process of bonding and agglomeration problems and improve the drying effect;
12, using a unique two-tier board structure, copy, make sure the dryer's drying effect;
13, the use of innovative and unique sealing device, and with good results of the insulation system, effectively reducing the coal drying system;
14, sealing the overall system performance, and with a perfect dust collector, dust spills, good working environment;
15, due to the product after drying powder particle size smaller, multi-joint brake grams of dried dragon dust exhaust gas after treatment;
16, the drying system uses electrical centralized control, automatic adjustment of air temperature, high degree of automation, easy operation.