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Repair and maintenance of grinder

Repair and maintenance of grinder

Repair and maintenance
1, the production process, should always check the bearing temperature rise, when the temperature over 50 ℃, should be down to check, identify the reasons and troubleshooting.
  2, a new machine running, easy to drive belt elongation, should be appropriate to adjust the belt tension to ensure that the working life of the belt.
  3, wearing parts should always check to ensure the timely replacement of production quality and production.
4, blade, liners should always check the wear, if worn, lower productivity, grain coarsening found after replacement of wear and tear.
  5, host and mobile bearings are grease lubricated classification, using special grease No. 2, 265-295 degrees.
  6, bearing grease for a period of 2,000 hours, the bearing grease cavity space filling is 1 / 2 (test) or 3 / 4 (measured) must not fill too much grease or bearing temperature will cause too high.
  7, screw feeder for fat period of 4000 hours, plus ordinary calcium-based grease.