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Troubleshooting mill

1, the output shaft e, which pulley e, avoid using heavy hammer hit, damage to the parts.
  2, non-stop when the handwheel handle.
  3, this speed machine lubricants, the use of N32 alkaline zinc-based senior high anti-friction hydraulic oil, gear oil with 401 general, must not use the other machine did not replace.
  4, the use of 3,000 hours, should be replaced with new oil, then use the second oil change after 500 hours, and then later changed every 1000 hours.
 Auxiliary note
 Machine device is highly efficient cyclone dust removal unit and barrel. Before and after the two combined two into one, also according to user needs alone. The machine is currently one of the serial-type shape, novel and efficient removal of dust with high recovery, flexibility, appearance of the United States and other characteristics, widely used in high concentrations of dust, small workplace sites. Machine device not only has high efficiency, low resistance, stable performance (large changes in dust concentration of imports, has little effect on the whole) a strong adaptability of air leakage, various mining companies, dusty gas or recycled materials purposes.
  Machine devices, must ensure that the motor, impeller discharge machine in normal circumstances, the boot operation cyclone, and the pipe must be sealed so as not to affect the collection efficiency, automatic filter cleaning buckets, barrels to ensure the efficiency of the filter, pay attention to air pressure the pressure.