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Drum dryer installation and maintenance

Machine maintenance is an extremely important regular work, it should be extremely close with the operation and maintenance, etc., should be full-time personnel on duty checks.
 I. Installation test:
 1, the device should be installed on a level concrete foundation, with anchor bolts.
  2, the installation should pay attention to the level of the host body and the vertical.
  3, the installation check for loose bolts and various parts of the host doors are tight and, if requested to tighten.
  4, according to the configuration of power equipment, power cord and control switch.
  5, the inspection is completed, the empty load test, you can test the normal production.
 Two. Machine maintenance:
 1, all the load bearing shoulder of the machine, so good lubrication of the bearing life of a great relationship, it directly affects the life of the machine and the operation rate, and thus required to fill the oil must be clean, seal must be good, the machine main oiling at (1) Turn the bearing (2) roller bearing (3) All gear (4) activities bearings, sliding plane.
 2, the newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked. 3, note that various parts of the machine is working properly.
 4, pay attention to check the wear of wear, and pay attention to replacement of worn parts.
 5, put the event the device chassis plane, dust and other things so as not to be out of the machine when the material could not have broken the bottom shelf in the activities of the bearing can not move, so as to cause serious accidents.
  6, the bearing temperature rise, the reasons should be immediately stopped and checked to be eliminated. 7, when the turning gear operation should be immediately stopped if the impact of the sound check, and eliminate